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You will save with either option when you get started today. However, you have a ONE TIME opportunity to lock in the lowest price we'll ever offer PLUS you'll get upgraded to our HIGHEST plan for just $997 per year. This means for LESS than what you'd pay for the Grow Plan, you'll get a massive discount of $4,967 today on MONETIZE, our highest plan. Your low price will never go up, even as we add new features.


Normally $197 Save $100 Per Month!




  • Unlimited Funnels & Websites
  • Unlimited Contacts & Users
  • Unlimited Courses & Memberships
  • Unlimited Forms & Surveys
  • Appointment Booking System
  • Full CRM (Pipelines, Triggers, Automations
  • FB Messenger & IG DMs Integration
  • Custom Funnel Templates & Automations
  • 24/7 Live Support (Live Chat & Zoom)
  • 10,000 Emails or 840 SMS Messages /mo.


Upgrade & Save $4,967 Per Year!




Everything in Grow PLUS:

  • AI Ad Launcher
  • AI Sales Bots
  • Unlimited Live & Evergreen Webinars
  • Integrated Proposal System
  • Invoice & Estimates Management
  • Digital Document Signing
  • FREE 1-On-1 Onboarding & Setup
  • 50,000 Emails or 4,200 SMS Messages /mo.

GROW PLAN: $197 97 / mo. 

Save $100 per month when you get started today!

MONETIZE PLAN: $997 / year

Get more for less when you pre-pay for the year! (Save $4,967 per year)

Universal Inbox

Conquer communications chaos with our Universal Inbox, uniting email, SMS and social media direct messages under one powerful platform.

Web Chat

Add an opt-in chatbox widget to the corner of your website to instantly connect with visitors and capture their contact info for better engagement and more sales opportunities.

AI Social Planner

Quickly churn out hundreds of on-brand social posts tailored to your goals, saving you loads of time and letting your marketing flow

Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)

This easy to use tool will help you manage all your leads, form submissions, members, orders and customers. Unlimited contacts... add as many as you need!

Email Autoresponder

Streamline email marketing with our comprehensive all-in-one tools to effortlessly create engaging campaigns that convert. Plus get our AI assistant that effortlessly generates personalized, proofread campaigns and subject lines for higher engagement.

SMS Marketing

Capture leads instantly with our two-way SMS chats that continue conversations beyond your site to provide a seamless, trust-building experience

Platform Analytics Dashboard

See your business clearly with our all-seeing dashboard - Your personalized command center to effortlessly monitor performance, rally automation, and unlock data-driven decisions to convert like a master.

Calendar Booking System

Book prospects directly into your integrated calendar and finally track those critical booking-to-sale conversion metrics no other scheduling software provides. Unlimited calendars come standard

Forms & Surveys

Capture more leads in minutes with customizable drag-and-drop surveys and forms - seamlessly branded to authentically engage audiences wherever you need. 

Funnels & Automations

Create high-converting funnels in minutes without coding using an intuitive AI-powered builder with drag-and-drop customization, free templates, and intelligent copywriting assistance. 

Website Builder

Build unlimited professional websites with drag-and-drop simplicity to capture leads directly into your CRM. No coding needed and zero hosting fees!

Blogging Platform

Generate high-quality, optimized content in minutes with an AI writing assistant that creates multiple drafts on demand, complete with sources, to establish your expertise without the hassle of writing and editing. 

AI Toolkit

From marketing, lead magnets, copywriting, webinars, coaching tools, and more. We have the AI templates you need to start monetizing and creating lead magnets that stick. You can spend less time prompting and more time selling! (

Custom Funnel Templates

Unlock the power to instantly capture, nurture and convert high-value leads on autopilot with our done-for-you customized sales, lead magnet, webinar, and enrollment funnels that will rapidly grow your business. 

Sales Team CRM

Track leads through customizable sales funnels with unlimited pipelines visible at a glance in your system, ensuring you never lose sight of a deal again.

Social Sidekick

Expand your reach by automatically responding to commenters with personalized public replies and seamless message follow-ups powered by our Social Comment Marketing technology.

Mobile App

Managing your CRM shouldn’t mean being tethered to your computer. Access your contacts, leads, and customers on the go with our Mobile App.

Membership & Course Builder

Empower your teaching with our Member Site Builder creating your own gated online training academy to automate course sales, drip feed lessons, and deliver premium educational experiences.

Smart Booking Bot

Unlock 24/7 pre-qualification power with our AI Smart Booking Bot handling lead conversations to book red-hot, sale-ready prospects automatically. 

Proposal System

Close deals faster with our customizable proposals that instantly impress clients and sync seamlessly into your sales pipeline for unprecedented efficiency. 

Invoice & Estimates Management

Get paid faster with your branded, automated invoices that instantly professionalize billing while letting you effortlessly track payments tied directly to deals within one efficient system.

Document Signing

Accelerate deals by sending binding contracts to prospects with our integrated digital document signing, enabling legally valid agreements completed in minutes without papers or printers. 

AI Ad Launcher

Launch your ad campaigns end-to-end, applying AI to handle planning, analytics, optimization, testing and more so you can control your marketing at scale with ease. 

Unlimited Live & Evergreen Webinars

Run automated, evergreen, like-live, just-in-time, and instant watch webinars on a powerful yet easy to use webinar platform. Includes pre-done funnel templates, email follow-up, and even SMS reminders.

Email or SMS Sends Per Month

Send 10,000 Emails or 840 SMS Messages

Send 50,000 Emails or 4,200 SMS Messages


Frequently asked questions

What type of business will this work for?

Audience Factory is designed to help you grow and monetize an audience for virtually any product or service, assuming there's a market for it. This service is especially effective if your potential customers are active on social media or can be reached through paid advertising channels. It's a straightforward solution for expanding your reach to where your prospective buyers are.

Can I create my own funnels, websites, and blogs with Audience Factory? How user-friendly is the interface?

Absolutely! With Audience Factory, you get the freedom to create an unlimited number of domains, websites, and funnels, regardless of the plan you choose. And don't worry if you're not tech-savvy—the editor is known for being incredibly intuitive and straightforward to use. So, you can bring your digital vision to life with ease and without the need for extensive technical knowledge.

How does Audience Factory help convert leads into sales?

Audience Factory packs a powerful CRM with automation features that follow up with your leads through email, text, and even voice broadcasting. You're not limited to just one channel; it integrates with Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms for multi-channel follow-ups. You can even use AI to help create these campaigns for you! For those on the Monetize Plan, there's an extra treat: the Smart Sales Bot. This AI-Powered bot takes interactions to the next level by qualifying leads, scheduling them on your calendar, and even securing sales on your behalf.

What is the A.I. Sales Bot, and how can it automate sales and customer engagement for my business?

The A.I. Sales Bot, available on the Monetize Plan, is a game-changer, customized with your own content. Whether it's documents, website content, call transcripts, or more, this bot becomes an expert on your business. It's like having a personal assistant that can qualify prospects across channels like social media, text, or website chat. Qualified leads get booked directly onto your calendar, and for those not ready, it can offer downsell options or any other action you set up. It’s a purpose-built bot designed to streamline your sales process. 

How can Audience Factory help generate income through digital courses, membership sites, and coaching programs?

Audience Factory enables you to leverage your knowledge through digital courses, membership sites, and coaching programs, essentially allowing you to transform your expertise into a source of income. This feature is designed to help creators, coaches, educators, service providers, and consultants monetize their skills and connect with their audience on a deeper level, providing valuable content and exclusive learning experiences.

How does the Unified Inbox simplify my communication across different platforms?

The Unified Inbox feature simplifies communication by consolidating messages from different platforms into one place. This means you can manage interactions from various channels, like social media, email, text, and web chat, without having to switch between multiple tools or tabs. It's designed to make staying in touch with your audience as efficient and organized as possible.

What automation and CRM tools does Audience Factory provide to scale my business?

Audience Factory provides a suite of automation and CRM tools designed to help scale your business. These tools enable you to automate follow-up processes and manage customer relationships efficiently. With features tailored for seamless multi-channel communication, they support a comprehensive approach to nurturing leads and driving sales, ensuring your business operates smoothly and effectively.

What are the steps to get started with Audience Factory, and how quickly can I see results?

Getting started with Audience Factory varies depending on where you're at with your business. However, we include simple step-by-step videos, articles with images, PLUS we include two free onboarding calls to help you get started as well as unlimited real-time live chat support and zoom calls if you need them.

As far as results, if you already have an audience or an email list, you can quickly integrate with pre-designed funnels and marketing campaigns for rapid sales. Starting from scratch? Use the content creation and social media management tools to grow your audience. For those on the Monetize Plan, the AI Ads feature can launch ads across platforms like Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, Google, and more for near-instant leads and sales. 

What are the pricing options for Audience Factory, and what features are included in each plan?

Audience Factory offers three main plans tailored to different needs and stages of business growth. The highest tier is the Monetize Plan, which encompasses all features, including 50,000 emails or 4,200 SMS messages. The Grow Plan is the middle option, offering most features with an allowance for 10,000 emails or 840 SMS messages. The Launch Plan, which is coming soon, mirrors the Grow Plan's features but excludes the AI Toolkit, operating on a pay-as-you-go model.

You can see a full breakdown of all current plans and pricing here

Are there any additional costs?

It depends on what plan you're on and how much you use it.

The Launch Plan is a pay-as-you-go model (see below for pricing).

The Grow Plan includes 10,000 emails or 840 text messages.

The Monetize Plan includes 50,000 emails, or 4,200 SMS messages.

For overages or pay-as-you-go, here is the pricing structure:

Outbound email cost is .001/email, which means $10 would get you about 10,000 emails, or 840 SMS messages.

Outbound SMS cost is .01 per segment for US/Canada, so $10 would get you 840 segments. A segment is a short text, so if the text messages are really long, then it can use extra segments.

As you can see, it's not much.

And if you're using up all your credits then you're probably bringing in a lot of sales anyway :-)

What support is included?

Audience Factory offers extensive support options including 24/7 live chat and the opportunity for Zoom calls with specialists anytime. Additionally, it provides two onboarding calls: a technical setup to assist with initial configurations, ensuring everything is up and running smoothly in about 30 minutes, and another call focused on leveraging features to grow your business effectively.

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